Agriculture Education

grainAgriculture has become much more than growing vegetables and raising Agriculture today includes science, technology and economics. It also involves leadership, marketing, and business.  Farmers work to maintain and improve our food supply and compete in global markets. Agriculture students learn new technologies in order to impact our environment and find new ways to protect our natural resources.

Students who participate in an agriculture program learn to value and understand our nation's need for quality food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products.

Article:  High School AG Programs Flourish as Farms Dwindle

Careers for this program include:
Agriculture bankers
Commodity traders
Plant pathologists
ARS Scientists
Agriculture mechanics
Production supervisors
Natural resource specialists
USDA Graders
USDA Inspectors
Meat processors
Wholesale food purchasers
Irrigation specialists
Horticulture specialists
Turf managers
Agriculture education teachers
Forest geneticists
Extension specialists

FFAStudents who take agriculture courses will also be able to participate in the student organization called FFA. Formerly known as Future Farmers of America, FFA has broadened its activities to include things such as leadership, college preparedness and career exploration. Students travel and compete in a variety of competitions and events.

For more information about the FFA organization in Tennessee click here.
Dickson County High School
Agriculture Courses:

Agriscience (9th Grade)

Advanced Principles
of Agriculture

Agriculture: Leadership

Greenhouse Management

Agriculture Mechanics
and Maintenance

Agriculture Engineering

Livestock Management

Mr. Jason Wallace- Instructor

Creek Wood High School
Agriculture Courses:

Principals of Agricultural
Sciences (9th Grade)

Livestock Management

Small Animal Care

Veterinary Science

Greenhouse Management

Agriculture Mechanics
and Maintenance

Mr. Zeb James - Instructor

Department of Education
CTE - Agriculture