Special Education

115 Academy Street
Dickson, TN  37055
Phone:  615-446-2085
Fax:  615-441-4132

Thomas E. Lee, Director Elementary Special Education
Linda G. Koellein, Director Secondary Special Education

Helping every student in Dickson County achieve regardless of their disabilities is the goal of the Special Education Department.  The school system offers a large number of support services for students with special needs as agreed upon by the student's IEP (Individualized Education Plan). 

Services provided by the special education department include but are not conclusive:

speech/language therapy  
vision/hearing services
physical therapy
specialized equipment
occupational therapy
assistive technology
psychological services
homebound services
special education budgets/grants 
transition services
special education preschool
special transportation
teacher observations

Each school in the system provides special education services to eligible students ages 3-22 years in a continuum of educational settings ranging from consultation services to self-contained.  These programs are designed to meet the student's individual needs based on their identified disability.  This includes intellectually gifted students whose abilities require special education services to meet their needs.  The IEP Team determines the level of services for each student.  The Team strives to provide the least restrictive environment (LRE) for all students.

Child Find:
Each state is required by Federal and State law to find all children with disabilities ages birth to 22 and  provide educational services in the public schools for ages 3-22 for any child identified as disabled under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA).  The child find in the public schools includes children enrolled in the Dickson County Schools grades preschool through twelfth, children who are homeschooled and live in the Dickson County Schools zone, those who attend a private school in Dickson County, or are homeless.

If you know of a child that may need special services call the Special Education Department at 615-446-2085, or contact the principal of a school in your area.  Anyone can refer a child. 

Psychological Testing Staff:
                            Lauren Bryant                         Patricia Johnson       
                            Roy Goodmiller                      Janice Thigpen

Services Include:
Consulting with parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals in the community to enhance services for students.
Identifying the special needs of students and helping to plan their educational program.
Psychological/academic assessment

Psychological Testing:
The school Support Team (S-Team) may refer a child to the psychological team for review if they are having significant difficulty in the classroom or school setting.  they may also refer testing for students who are potentially gifted.  Outside agencies, medical professionals, parents, etc. may also refer a child to the school S-Team.

Disability Catergories Include:
Autism-Spectrum Disorder                      Intellectually Disabled
Deaf-Blindness                                          Multiple Disabilities
Developmental Delay                               Orthopedic Impairment
Emotional Disturbance                            Other-Functionally Delayed
Hearing Impairments                                Other Health Impairment
Intellectually Gifted                                    Specific Learning Disablity
Traumatic Brain Injury                               Speech or Language Impairment
Visual Impairment                                     Deaf

Destruction of Special Education Records:
Special education records will be kept for three (3) years past a student's 22nd birthday.  At the end of each school year an advertisement will be placed in the local newspaper notifying parents/students that special education records will be destroyed.  This notice will include a contact number for parents/students to call to obtain the records before they are destroyed.