Employee Email Info


Setting up your personal smart phones differs from model to model. You will need to know how to access the EMAIL program on your smart phone and how to begin setting up a new account.

To set up your email using the IMAP option. 

1. The incoming settings should be: IMAP and the server is: imap.dcbe.org

2. You must choose SSL and verify it is using port 993. This will encrypt the connection from the phone to the server. If you receive a notice that the certificate is not known or trusted, click Continue. The certificate is good but some phone manufacturers do not recognize our security certificate signature.

3. The outgoing settings (also called SMTP) are: server - smtp.dcbe.org
Use SSL or TLS, which ever is available on your phone and accept (continue) on the certificate again if it gives an error. The port number recommended is 587. If that does not work try 465.
NOTE: For administrators such as principals, assistant principals, directors, coordinators etc., choose
Exchange as the account type and follow the wizard to complete the setup.


If you'd like to install the newest Groupwise email client for your personal computer, install the items below.

Step 1

Step 2

If you'd like to install the Groupwise Messenger program on your personal computer, click the link below.

Groupwise Messenger Install

If you'd like to install the Messenger app on your smart phone use the links below.

Groupwise Messenger App for Apple

Groupwise Messenger App for Android

Username and password will be your DCBE login
Server: messenger.dcbe.org
Port#: 8300