Calling / Parent Notification System

The Dickson County School (TN) System has used Edulink / Intouch since August 2015 for parent / guardian notifications by phone.

 -- To receive notifications from any or all of the schools in Dickson County (including messages sent from a district level), please click here

Parents and Guardians
 -- To change your phone or other contact information, please contact your student's school office staff. Click here for for a list of Dickson County schools and their contact information.

Receiving Unwanted Phone Calls? 
 -- To have your phone number removed from the messaging list, please email with your request. It's very important that you include the phone number receiving unwanted calls. The process may take five or more school days.

School Calling System Staff
 -- For general training or support for the calling system, please log into into Edulink by clicking here.
For help with absence calling issues, please submit a HelpDesk ticket.